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There is difficulty in procuring parts/components utilized for fitness equipment such as heart rate grips, LED consoles, handle bars, tension knobs, motors, and so on, and most of these are complex to repair.

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The fitness industry is always booming. People want to look and feel better, which means turning to healthier lifestyles that involve daily exercise. It’s a trend that's here to stay, which makes it a lucrative opportunity for fitness companies.

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The best way to start building your brand is to decide who you want your fitness business to cater to


When we founded Doctorfit, our central thought was to see healthier, happier people. Materialistic things alone won’t build the future, or the futures of your families or your organizations. Health, strength and cheerfulness in the face of challenges will.

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We believe in maintaining long term relationship with our clients that is spread all across the nation. Our team finds out the best vendor existing in the market through surveys.

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Delivering a healthier lifestyle to your home is not only our passion, it is also our commitment. At Home Fitness Direct, helping people to lead healthy, wholesome lives is our primary focus and our products are only the beginning of that journey which we wish to take with you.

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